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Facebook Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

I think it is time to learn some of the Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook. I am so tired of seeing people spamming and being disrespectful to people’s wall. Social Media has become a world of its own and we really need to know how to manage and use it wisely, especially those who are business owners.
So, I have decided to put together a list that will help those who are new to Facebook and those who are veterans and breaking a lot of Facebook etiquette rules.
Facebook launched in February 2004 and is one the largest World Wide Social Media site on the Internet. They have over 300 million users and over half of them visit Facebook daily.
–    When requesting a friend always leave a note especially if the person doesn’t know you personally. This will avoid the question ”Who are you?”
–    If you have a business, only speak of your business on YOUR wall, not others
–    Give value and interesting information on your wall post
–    Go easy on the updates, every five minutes is a bit much
–    Use the chat service wisely; just because you see the green dot next to their name indicating they are online does not mean they are automatically available to chat.
–    Choose wisely the type of photos that you share with your friends, I don’t think pictures of you slapping someone one the butt would go over very well, especially if you are looking to business with them or if you are looking for employment
–    Be careful in tagging people in pictures in videos they may be offended. If you do tag someone just make sure it’s extremely positive and remove the tag upon request
–    If you are not happy about being tagged, stay calm, and just un-tag yourself
–    Do not request friends and then harass them with your business or products. Instead build relationships and offer value to them
–    Don’t post your business opportunity or any other type of product/service on other peoples wall
–    Don’t poke anyone if you are over the age 18, it’s just silly…LOL
–    Don’t start arguments with people on Facebook on your wall or on their wall, just sent them a private message expressing your feelings.
–    Don’t comment on someone’s message with an advertisement or business opportunity.
–    Don’t post on your wall in all capital letters because it’s considered shouting or loud tone of voice.
–    Don’t share all of your game scores with everyone all day long each and every day..this is very annoying
–    Don’t get upset over other people’s opinion, just simply state yours and keep it movin’
–    As we all like to receive gifts from our friends and family, the virtual gifts on Facebook can be annoying especially if you are sending them every day.
If you are a business owner and want to learn how to market your business online the right way;  fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you.