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Spiritual Note – “Guide Me”

Guide Me

Guid Me

Gracious and Merciful God, I know You are the Good Shepherd guiding me from within.

I acknowledge that I am a sheep amongst Your flock.

I know that as long as I remain in Your presence and follow Your orders, I am safe and Divinely guided.

On this day, I desire to hear Your voice. I desire to receive instruction and direction from You.

I ask that You order my footsteps down the path of righteousness and peace today Father.

Make my path clear and my way evident. Lead and I will follow. I will not waver, falter, hesitate or resist.

I will not complain, grumble, whine or moan.

I will move obediently and quickly towards my destination.

I commit myself to the destiny You have for my life.

It is with faith and trust that I surrender all that I am so that I can achieve all that You are calling me to do and be.

Each and every day, I recommit my hands to Your work, my mind to a higher consciousness, and my body as a Divine expression of You.

Thank You for ever being with me.

For this and so much more I am eternally grateful.

And So It Is…

Minister Heather Mizell