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Spiritual Note – Moving Forward in My Life

Moving Forward in My Life  

Today I speak love, energy and power over my life and my affairs.

I speak order, focus, and forward movement with joy, comfort and peace within and around me.

Allow me to see the next best steps related to completing all endeavors on this day with courage, confidence, and grace.

I commit to all spiritual, mental, emotional and physical transformation and action necessary to align myself with the vision of completion in excellence.

Today, I move forward in my life in all areas that will assist in my growth, development and embodiment of my destiny in my life and in the world.

I thank You, God, in advance for the love, support and guidance necessary for me to take these steps forward today.

I thank You for the courage, the willingness and the readiness to take on any challenges that may arise.

Order my steps.

I thank You for the imminent victory!

Let it be so, And so it is!

Minister Christine Pereira