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Prevent & Beat Cancer

1.  STOP EATING MEAT & REFINE SUGAR!! Learn more about what fuels Cancer here: 2. Green Smoothies/Juicing – it’s really important to start making Green Smoothies or Juicing Green Fruit and Vegetables IMMEDIATELY! Here are some links to some AMAZING Green Smoothie recipes: Get a Nutribullet – I have been using the Nutribullet for almost 10 years…

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Extreme Couponing Course

Learn everything you need to about couponing and building a stock pile. This course will teach where to find coupons online, which magazines has the best coupons, and where you can buy coupons. You will also get a spreadsheet that will help you figure out all of your totals before you arrive to the store.

One of My Favoriate Alternative Flours – Almond Flour

Since I changed my diet about two years ago, I have tried many different types of alternatives to help me with making some of the same tasty treats but with a healthier benefit. I have tried several different brands of Almond Flour but the brand featured here today, Honeyville Farms is the BEST by far. It has almost the same…

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So Blessed To Have Found Instant Rewards

If you are looking for a work from home opportunity. Call me today and I will share with you EXACTLY what I do everyday to earn $120-$180 Everyday!! Click HERE to join my team 🙂 Post by Syvella Brantley.

Spiritual Note – “Guide Me”

Guide Me Gracious and Merciful God, I know You are the Good Shepherd guiding me from within. I acknowledge that I am a sheep amongst Your flock. I know that as long as I remain in Your presence and follow Your orders, I am safe and Divinely guided. On this day, I desire to hear Your voice. I desire to…

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You Must Watch Video..It Touch My Heart & I Just Had To Share It

You Must Watch This Video….It Really Shows How Us As People Really Connect & Share So Many Of The Same Values!

Yummy & Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

So, I was in the mood for a healthy sweet treat so I searched the internet from some Sprouted Wheat Flour Chocolate cookies and and this GREAT recipe came up. So, you know I had to try it.